With time comes experience, with experience comes expertise. Expertise is useless unless put into practice. So, I hereby offer my services based on my expertise on the following subjects;

WordPress Development

So you want a website, a new one or changes to your current one? Perhaps you just need a helping hand? I can help! I am for hire! Small changes charged by the hour, large projects for a fixed price, it's all possible.

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Code review

Coding is fun, but keeping your code clean, consistent and well documented can be a real bore. Why not let someone else do it? Well, not everyone can read code and I certainly won't pretend to be able to decipher all code, but when it comes to PHP and WordPress code, I probably can :)

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Website Security review

Running a website is fun or maybe not fun but something you have to do. keeping your website secure, however, can be a pain in the butt, and more importantly, something you really don't want to do yourself. If you don't want to invest time in learning about SSL certificates and SSL/security related headers, then let me do it :)

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Website Vulnerability Scan

You can keep a website on-line without any maintenance, if you wish, but the older the website gets, the more vulnerable it becomes. That's not some weird magic; your website doesn't change, but the world around it does. New vulnerabilities are discovered every day. When creating your own logic in your website you might inadvertently create openings for hackers to abuse or even break into your website. Keeping your site free of such "hacking-opportunities" is not only time consuming, it's often difficult as well.

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Excel to PHP conversion

Say you have an Excel sheet with a complex calculation and you need to implement that calculation on your website... And you have no clue where to start? Or perhaps you tried and failed? Let me lend a hand :)

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