Code review

Coding is fun, but keeping your code clean, consistent and well documented can be a real bore. Why not let someone else do it? Well, not everyone can read code and I certainly won’t pretend to be able to decipher all code, but when it comes to PHP and WordPress code, I probably can :)

You can hook me into your project on GitHub or BitBucket, let me in on your FTP or SubVersioN server, or just send me a zip-file with the code you want reviewed after we’ve discussed the terms of service in detail.

We will determine what coding standards to use, where, what and how to comment, and I’ll give you advice on best practice and useful tools in return for a modest fee to keep my stomach happy :)

If you want to use my service “CodeReview”, or want to discuss this in more detail, please contact me using the form below.

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*) A no-time-limit review can be expensive, we can discus other limits, either time or financial limits, to keep the cost acceptable.