Website Security review

Running a website is fun or maybe not fun but something you have to do. keeping your website secure, however, can be a pain in the butt, and more importantly, something you really don’t want to do yourself. If you don’t want to invest time in learning about SSL certificates and SSL/security related headers, then let me do it :)

For a reasonable fee I will review your website, present you with a list of dos and don’ts, a list of actions to be taken. If needed and possible, I can implement most of the change for you. And of course, you can use this service just to have confirmation that your website is set-up correctly and securely.

Of course, there are online resources to help you with this, and if you have the time to learn what all that stuff means, then you don’t need me :) But in case you don’t have the time to get into that, let me, and I’ll only tell you what you need to know or do, in as little or as much detail as you wish.

If you want to use my service “Website Security review”, or want to discuss this in more detail, please contact me using the form below.

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