Website Vulnerability Scan

You can keep a website on-line without any maintenance, if you wish, but the older the website gets, the more vulnerable it becomes. That’s not some weird magic; your website doesn’t change, but the world around it does. New vulnerabilities are discovered every day. When creating your own logic in your website you might inadvertently create openings for hackers to abuse or even break into your website. Keeping your site free of such “hacking-opportunities” is not only time consuming, it’s often difficult as well.

I hereby offer you my service of “Website Vulnerability scan”. A one-time-only or monthly/quarterly repeated scan of your website. Using the same tools hackers use I can find weaknesses and provide tips, tricks and fixes to keep your website safe. In some cases I can implement the fixes for you as well. In general, a full scan of a websites takes a few hours, determining the severity of all found attack vectors can take days. This means that running a full scan can be time consuming and therefore expensive. A Vulnerability scan is therefore often done with a time limit; search and find as much as possible within this limit and report accordingly. “We’ll get the rest next time” is not always smart, but it is affordable. Based on the findings and suggested changes listed in the report, you (if you are a developer) can often implement changes on the un-tested code yourself.

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