Remon Pel
Backend Developer

Based on Drupal 5 with PHP 7.4 compatibility and security patches.


Based on version 1.4 with PHP 7.4 compatibility and security patches.

Apache webserver

Primarily worked with Direct Admin and Plesk, also with cPanel in the past. Development web servers from scratch, RasPi


NodeJS is JavaScript. No problem. However, I have not done many NodeJS based projects and therefore NodeJS specific knowledge is not on top of my head, but with some training a solution can be found.


Only started with Docker recently as replacement for Vagrant+VirtualBox

Office Suites

MS Office, Open Office, Libre Office, Apple’s office suite

And lots and lots more. Just ask :)

3D Design/Printing/Printer-building

3D Printing is the ultimate hobby for me. With 3D Designing I can create useful objects that would take me much much longer if done with metal or wood, printing (and maintaining/expanding the printers) is an exercise in mechanical as well as software engineering.

Mechanical keyboards

With a modest collection of 17 unique mechanical keyboards, ranging from cheap AF to way-to-expensive-I-shouldn’t-have-done-this, as well as reprogramming them (QMK/VIA/VIAL) and even designing and building them myself, I think I can call myself an advance keeb-er ;)

“What do you do for a living?” — I am a Backend Developer

“Say wut?” — Web Developer.

“Eeeehmm” — I create websites

“Oh, so you are good with computers, can you help me with my printer?”

Sure, yeah, bring it on, what is the problem.

My name is Remon, I am 46 years old and I am a professional problem solver. No, I can’t find your kidnapped daughter and don’t ask me to service a car. (Although with some training, I probably could)

My passion lies in finding the right solution for the problems/issues that come my way. Whether they come from customers, colleagues or family. As long as it’s computer related, we’ll figure it out.

I can call myself a seasoned developer. I started with M&P Communicatie in Ophemert (GLD) as CMS developer, then more than 13 years at Clearsite as do-it-all-developer and now, by way of takeover, 2 years with Acato, I have grown from a stubborn, know-it-all junior developer to a senior/lead back-end developer still just as stubborn, with many side tasks such as (website) security, server management, etc.

We have experienced a lot at Clearsite during this time, from small projects such as single-pagers or e-mail footers to years-long projects such as More SOAP-XML and REST implementations than I care to admit ;). All this knowledge I brought with me to Acato and they shovelled about the same amount on top of it.

Currently -- and of course not on my own but with a team of developers -- we maintain roughly 200 projects, almost all of them WordPress based, and all of them custom for clients needs.

All my knowledge has been gained from just doing the work, which started as a hobby when I was 8 and 21 years later took off as a career.

Spaarne Lyceum
Primary/Secondary Education-1996

VWO, NL/EN/Math/Science/Biology/Chemistry

Universiteit Utrecht

Quit in 2nd year due to realization that it was too theoretical for me.

Vobis Microcomputer1995-1997

Sales, assembly and repair of computers and accessories

Dixons / De Winter V.O.F.1997 ‑ 2006

Selling of small electronics, computers, software, accessories and software, photography. Focus on support and advice in the field of computers, network etc.

Junior developer
M&P Communicatie2006 – 2008

Development of M&P CMS, for netex, bosatex, vematex, textielbeheer (among others)

Backend developer
Internetbureau Clearsite2008 – 2022

Lead back-end developer, Website security, System administration, Web server administration/DNS etc.

Technical management, maintenance and further development of ~120 WordPress websites and ~20 non-WordPress websites

Developed about 50 customer-specific and generically deployable WordPress plugins over the years

Longest living project built by me;

Security of all our websites with in-house developed plugin “Clearsite Security“.

Free to use WordPress plugin “Branded Social Images

Backend developer/DevOps
Acato2022 – present

Clearsite unfortunately took a big hit by Covid19 and the changing landscape as a result of it. Clearsite was absorbed into Acato. My work is still the same, just a lot more of it :)

Author: Remon Pel

WebDeveloper though not WebDesigner