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Cookies, Privacy, GDRP and all that shit – Remons TechNotes

Cookies, Privacy, GDRP and all that shit

Hi there


My blog is WordPress based. WordPress uses cookies to track a logged in user. Since you probably do not log in, you will not be affected by WordPress cookies.

I do however like to see how many visitors I get so I use Google Analytics. GA uses cookies to see if you are a repeating or new visitor and so on. You can choose either “anonymised” or “regular” tracking. The difference is wether you allow Google Analytics to track your full IP address, or only a portion of it.

Also, I give the opportunity to share my posts on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. These also use cookies, but these are popups running a special page on those services. These cookies are beyond my control. If you don’t want those cookies, then don’t use the social share buttons (but then you should not use any of those services at all, because then you get the very same cookies).

You have some control over which cookies to accept, if you made a choice, you can always .


I use advertisement to generate a little income. The advertisements are provided by Google AdSense and that has been set-up in a way to show non-personalised ads only, complying to GDPR legislation. With this change, ads will probably no longer be relevant to your. Which makes revenue for me lower, which in turn probably results in more aggressive ad-placement on my website. Don’t blame me, blame the EU lawmakers. You could always send me some money, in return for a user-account that will allow you to browse my blog ad-free. You can use the form below for now, a “buy me a beer” form will be added soon.

Push-Notifications (in-browser only)

Also I’d like to send you push-notifications, using OneSignal Push. This service sets cookies to avoid annoying you with too many pop-ups. These cookies are anonymous and contain no personalised data.

Privacy and GDPR

When leaving a comment you are essentially sending me your IP address, name and email address. If you don’t want me to store this data, then don’t send a comment, or use a fake name/address (but doing so makes it hard for me to reply). This is WordPress functionality and I will not alter it’s behaviour.

How to execute your rights under GDPR, either to know what data I have stored of you, or have that data removed; send me a message with the form below:

    Please fill out at least one of these fields truthfully for me to find your data by.

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