USB 3.0 on Macbook Pro 2011

Lucky enough to have a Macbook Pro 17″ with an ExpressCard/34 slot? Then you’re not lucky enough to have built-in USB 3.0. We can fix that! You need to spend about 10 to 15 USD. Interested? Read on! It took me months just to find this post which gave me a 10 minute solution.

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Certified Secure – Certification for Security Awareness and more!

I too have been captured by “the need to get certified”. Certified Secure offers training and exams and ultimately certificates. SQL-injections, Path-traversal, Cross-Site Scripting, Cross-Server Request Forgery etc. etc. It’s a lot to learn and for me – being a developer – and for you – assuming you are one too, reading my blog – it is a necessity!

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