Migrating from SVN to GIT. It has been done before, …, but has it?

Recent changes in policy re-ignited our quest to migrate away from Subversion to GIT, as GIT is much more powerful for branching and merging e.t.c.

Migrating from Subversion is not very hard; you just start over, right? So you want to lose all the project history? I don’t think so.

The migrated GIT-repository should include all history, all commit messages, all tags, all branches. How do you do that? Continue reading “Migrating from SVN to GIT. It has been done before, …, but has it?”

Connecting a Synology MR2200ac to an RT2600ac fails – SOLVED

I recently replaced my trusty Synology RT1900ac with a “great, problem solving, multi-room Wi-Fi kit” from Asus, the Lyra MAP-AC2200. “The best of the best”. Yeah, … right.

Product photo of the very good but not very powerful Synology RT1900ac. At time of writing, no longer available and for good reason; get yourself an RT2600ac! You will not regret it.
Out with the old …

The problem with my apartment is that is about 60 years old, and some rooms are behind load-bearing walls. Not load-bearing for my ceiling, but load-bearing for the entire complex. Like 20cm thick reinforced concrete! Wi-Fi is problematic there. So this multi-room Wi-Fi set would solve that problem.

Product photo of the not-so-great-in-a-Wi-Fi-jungle: the Asus Lyra MAP-AC2200 Multi-Room Wi-Fi kit. Works fantastically in a free standing structure or an office building...
… in with the new.

Well it did; I got Wi-Fi, strong, fast, … for about 2 hours. Then a reboot of the closest Lyra node was needed. On top of that, incoming connections to the main node would no longer get through after about 4 days, so twice a week a full reboot of all nodes was needed, just to get a little Wi-Fi. After 6 months of this getting worse and worse, I was done. [Edit: turns out there is so much Wi-Fi signals here, the Lyra set gets confused … It’s a Wi-Fi jungle out here …]

In the end I had ping-spikes and drop-outs like crazy; sitting right next to the main node, pinging my ISP Modem through the Wi-Fi;

Still of a WhatsApp video I shot to show a friend the superb Wi-Fi you get with an Asus Lyra MAP-AC2200 kit.
What the hell, Asus? You call this “superb Wi-Fi coverage”? This is a ping from Laptop -> 1 meter open air -> Asus Lyra Main Node -> 2 meters ethernet cable -> ISP Modem.

Playing online games was simply impossible. So I took out my RT1900ac again and settled with Wi-Fi being poor or even non-existent in some rooms.

A few days ago, however, I had enough of that too and I took a leap and bought the Synology RT2600ac + MR2200ac combo. The set-up of the RT2600ac was a breeze, but I had seen that before, as this works exactly like the RT1900ac. In fact; I downloaded a configuration backup on the RT1900ac, uploaded it to the RT2600ac and done. Unplugged the old, installed the new. All done.

Product photo of the fantastic Synology RT2600ac
The Synology RT2600ac Router

Well, almost; I still had the Mesh-node MR2200ac to set-up.

Product photo of the Synology MR2200ac Mesh router; you can use this without an RT2600ac as well, it has the FULL SRM software on it.
The Synology MR2200ac Router / Mesh node

That should be a breeze, too, right? Well, not so much… Continue reading “Connecting a Synology MR2200ac to an RT2600ac fails – SOLVED”

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