Spring cleaning :) SpaceChem solution archive migrated into WordPress blog

After careful (not) thought and with relative ease (again: not) I have migrated the SpaceChem solutions into this blog. As visitor, you should not notice other than a change of design (or rather: lack of design).

Does this change the solutions? NO :) They are still the same three-or-more-year-old solutions.

Nor does this migration give any guarantee on the functionality of the solutions after all this time.

It’s just something I had to do, getting rid of old, bad, ugly, baseline PHP code.

So you might think, “then why the hell are you bothering us with this?”. Well, good question. Got no answer. Consider this blog-post un-written :P

Enjoy your weekend all! (or your week, if you read this on a working-day, or your holidays, if the internet carrier pigeons have brought this message to you around a holiday, or maybe even your birthday! Is it your birthday today? It is? well happy birthday!)

Alright, enough babbling for today.


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