Certified Secure – Certification for Security Awareness and more!

I too have been captured by “the need to get certified”. Certified Secure offers training and exams and ultimately certificates. SQL-injections, Path-traversal, Cross-Site Scripting, Cross-Server Request Forgery etc. etc. It’s a lot to learn and for me – being a developer – and for you – assuming you are one too, reading my blog – it is a necessity!

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Watch US Netflix outside the US

Netflix in Europe ain’t bad, but there are a lot of series not available in Europe. One of my favorites is Battlestar Galactica. I have them all at home, but not on the road. And while staying in some cheap-ass hotel for a night with nothing good on TV, I need some options :)

Getting Netflix to play US content on your computer is easy enough; use the Chrome extension MediaHint. How to play US content on Netflix app on your tablet or phone?

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Development WebServer on OSX Lion – HomeBrew/MariaDB/PECL

Apache2 is already installed on any Mac and most setups (like MAMP or MacPorts) just ignore the built in Apache and install their own version. Shame. You wouldn’t ignore your own car just and get another one to pull a trailer while your own car can do the job perfectly.

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