Handy script: lbl – the missing cli for LocalWP

Local, the development environment for WordPress by LocalWP is great, but I am a terminal type of person. So I adapted an earlier script to work with the new Local version.

This script lets you do (nearly) all you need to do with Local from the CLI. Surely, a click of a button is not hard? true. But why use the mouse when you can use the keyboard. For instance

lbl ssh
opens a new Terminal shell specifically for the site you are in. (not chrooted, but it is set-up correctly).
lbl db
opens Sequel Pro with the correct database.

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Why windows8 suxx… big time…

I usually do not do this; I do not shamelessly copy a post of someone else if I can’t improve upon it or add to it.
But this one… this is a short post with a must-see video.
I read/viewed it here: http://www.onemorething.nl/2012/12/mini-college-waarom-windows-8-zuigt
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Hi there.

This is my first blog-entry, well, it’s a little pathetic, actually, it’s just a simple note to say “Hi there and welcome!”

In the coming days, weeks, months, I will be updating the theme of this blog and eventually let you know the technical issues I have been dealing with in my time as WebDeveloper. Wether it is at all interesting to you, I’ll have to leave that up to you all, so, feel free to comment; any and all remarks are welcome.



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