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January 18th, 2012... SOPA/PIPA protest day – Remons TechNotes

January 18th, 2012… SOPA/PIPA protest day

Oh my… Now they are so scared, all those websites are now …. -shivers- BLACK. I can see them running around like headless chicken… “Oh no. The black spot site…”

Yeah right… Like that will help stop SOPA or PIPA. In fact, I think the American Idiots Politicians don’t give a shit. The only thing that would have helped is hacking all government sites and putting THOSE to black. Permanently. But hey, I’m not a hacker, I’m not even an American citizen.

So why do I care about stopping SOPA or PIPA?

Because when this idiot bill, written by a 200 year old neanderthal who wrote it with a goose feather, passes, you will get sued because your neighbor owns a car with which he can break the speed limit, hit-and-run pedestrians or rob a candy store and you have a sign in your garden stating he lives there.

The SOPA act is THAT moronic.

The reason I care is because this affect the entire world. Who are they – the American Idiots Politicians – to determine what happens here? We’ve got our own idiots to f*** things up over here (Paging mister T. Kuik… Bash him at twitter please; @TimKuik)

SOPA is STUPID. All it does is hinder the progress of the Internet. I cannot put a link on my site to, for instance, Youtube, because on Youtube there MIGHT be a copyright-infringing link. They aren’t even dealing with certainties.

What happened to

“A person is innocent until proven guilty”

I am sued because I have a link to a site that POSSIBLY has illegal content or POSSIBLY LINKS to illegal content. I will be guilty even before they take one step to try to assign a team that will determine the lawyers that will hire a tech-dude to see if there is actually any illegal content!


So, that’s why I don’t black out my site; they wouldn’t understand it anyways. Their 3 week dead goldfish has a higher IQ than them.

Author: Remon Pel

WebDeveloper though not WebDesigner

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