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Set-up an OpenVPN Client on your Mac – Remons TechNotes

Set-up an OpenVPN Client on your Mac

With an OpenVPN server available or created on your own Mac it’s time to setup your OpenVPN client. Sure you can do this with command lines but for a user, which a client usually is for, you should use a nice GUI. Introducing; Tunnelblick.

1. Download it, install it, run it. You will be asked if you have a configuration file. Just say you don’t. A finder window will open and a .ovpn file will be inside. Open this file in an editor. Change the line;

Editor contentremote my-server-1 1194
to match your server configuration; instead of my-server-1 type the hostname or IP-address. Instead of 1194 type the server port if a different port is used.

2. Change these lines as well;

Editor contentca ca.crt
cert client.crt
key client.key
Change the word client (twice) to the actual filename. Our server had example pinnochio so we change this to
Editor contentca ca.crt
cert pinocchio.crt
key pinocchio.key

3. Save the file and place your files ca.crt, pinocchio.crt and pinocchio.key with the .ovpn file.

4. Rename the directory to something you can identify with and add extension .tblk. If, for example, it’s a connection to work, rename the directory to “Work.tblk”. You will be asked if you want to add the .tblk extension; accept it.

5. Now you can open this .tblk file and Tunnelblick takes over; you should be able to connect to your server now.

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