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Watch US Netflix outside the US – Remons TechNotes

Watch US Netflix outside the US

Netflix in Europe ain’t bad, but there are a lot of series not available in Europe. One of my favorites is Battlestar Galactica. I have them all at home, but not on the road. And while staying in some cheap-ass hotel for a night with nothing good on TV, I need some options :)

Getting Netflix to play US content on your computer is easy enough; use the Chrome extension MediaHint. How to play US content on Netflix app on your tablet or phone?

There’s no MediaHint extension available for Mobile Chrome, so that won’t work. Then I found this post by Jared Huet. And even though there’s a slight typo in the text, it works like a charm.

Then I thought; what if I used this same simple fix on my laptop? Well, then redirects to playmoTV, of course without the result we want.

So, recap;

Computer? Chrome + Mediahint (

iPad, iPhone, Android; DNS Change. (,

Heed the warnings in Jared’s post though; other apps might be adversely affected and – like Jared – I do not take any responsibility :)

Update; the DNS method also works on TVs and set-top boxes :)

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