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Thinking about buying Asus ROG Gaming laptop? Great choice, but keep this in mind! – Remons TechNotes

Thinking about buying Asus ROG Gaming laptop? Great choice, but keep this in mind!

Recently I fell off the wagon; I wanted more gaming and Apple only wanted more thinness and more quietness. (And more money, but who doesn’t).
So I got myself an Asus ROG G752VY-GC174T. Awesome laptop, I got to say, but……when you get one yourself, please note;

  • Keyboard lighting does not work until AFTER you log in. So you’ll have to log in blind in the dark
    [EDIT 16-jul-2016] Keyboard backlight on logon screen has been fixed in ATK version 1.0.0042. The trouble is to find that version for download. Please see below for instructions.
  • Immediately uninstall Game First software, unless you want high ping and rubber banding in almost any online game
    [EDIT 14-nov-2016] Looks like ASUS have released an update that should fix this, even specifically mentioning the game Overwatch, see here under Windows 10 x64 > hotfix. Direct download of GameFirst IV version 1512.
  • Upgrade ROG software to latest beta, to avoid 7 minute launch time on support software. (Yes, you read that correctly; SEVEN MINUTES)
  • Turning on Quick Boot in the BIOS will not work; it will reset to disabled regardless of your choice or method of setting it. And with that, you cannot Quick Boot.
    [EDIT 24-aug-2016] QuickBoot has been fixed in BIOS version 213. Download here: Asus ROG G752 BIOS rev. 213

I’ll keep updating this post with relevant information.

Addendum 1: Finding and installing the latest ATK package

The package you need has the following zip-file-name:
but the closest you’ll get via regular searches on the web is this page: which will list you up to 1.0.0040, and for Windows 8.1 only, not Windows 10.

Luckily, ASUS use a generic naming convention, so we can extrapolate the Windows 10 version 1.0.0042 archive URL from the Windows 8.1 version 1.0.0040 one.

Download ATK version 1.0.0042 for Windows 10 directly from ASUS.

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