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IOS7? Sorry - not yet! – Remons TechNotes

IOS7? Sorry – not yet!

Recently I installed IOS7 Beta 1 on my iPhone 4 (3,1) 32 GB. Am I happy? well, a tiny bit, but not much, really. I’ll tell you why. But first; IOS7 takes a lot of time to get used to. It’s crisp, ultra sharp, takes the most out of the Retina display’s. I absolutely love it. It’s just … the color scheme, the flatness, it is all very very new and definitely stolen from Android. Sorry Apple, but it’s true, I cannot deny it. I do know, however, eventually we’ll love it.

Ready to read why I reverted to IOS6 while typing this post? Read on! :P

First there’s the fact that IOS7 freezes from time to time. Irregular intervals, uncertain moments. Often without any cause.

Then there’s the location services that only seem to be accurate when just opening an app. After that; 3 kilometer accuracy is not ideal during navigation

Third there’s the install and update problem; apps of 30 MB take 2 days to install or update, then appear double on the springboard, one is in “updating” status, the other doesn’t function, plus the fact that it takes 2 reboots to actually get the installed apps to work.

Then the Apple Maps app; crashing on searching location.

Any google app (youtube, google maps) will crash when they like, mostly during voice-search

TomTom Europe won’t get a GPS fix, don’t even try.

Graphical glitches are commonplace; a bluetooth icon the size of an App icon where a 3 mm squared icon is supposed to be, menubars bleeding through fullscreen apps, animations that suddenly take 2 minutes to complete and sometimes are instantaneous where 3 seconds is normal.

Then there’s the matter of half-day battery-life while doing nothing, where iOS6 gave me 36 hours while doing the same.

I could go on, but I won’t bore you.

In my opinion, IOS7 looks fantastic (technically anyway) and I appreciate the Retina approach, but this is possibly the worst “beta1” ever.

I know it’s only Beta1, but I will not try Beta2, I’ll wait for the release this fall.

Author: Remon Pel

WebDeveloper though not WebDesigner

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