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Specific Site Browser

Ever had the need for an app of a website that just doesn’t exists? Like that site you visit very often but you also very often accidentally close while cleaning up those no-longer-needed tabs? Well, I do :) Tools like Harvest, Basecamp, TeamWeak, Google Calendar, Google Mail, I need them often. Sure there are options…

Chrome App-Tabs; Nice, but on closing Chrome, those tabs also get closed. Also, the tabs don’t re-open on restart if closed. Also, tabs run in the same browser-process as the rest of your websites.; Used it for a long time. I’ve noticed, however, that some websites do not work within fluid and simply break out to a new browser window. Apps do run in their own process.

So what does one do then?

We want;

  1. A separate process for every App. (Fluid can)
  2. A recognizable dock-icon. (Fluid can do this too)
  3. Any site we want to function. (Chome App-tabs do, but Fluid does not)
  4. Browser profile (like cookies) stored in iCloud. (Neither Chrome App-tabs not Fluid does)

I found a script on the web that runs on your mac to create an SSB ( based on chrome. The article about that script had some mistakes and typos that made it impossible for not-computer-geeks to get it done properly. Also this script did not allow for spaces in the name. (I found a similar script here, in case you’re interested)

So I created a little tool to create a Chrome-App for a specific website.



Author: Remon Pel

WebDeveloper though not WebDesigner

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