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Bye Bye Yosemite - Hello El Capitan! -- another post-upgrade fixing session – Remons TechNotes

Bye Bye Yosemite – Hello El Capitan! — another post-upgrade fixing session

In the series “How to fix your development environment after an upgrade” ( referring to this and this post ) I present you;

“Fix your development environment after upgrade to El Capitan”

Frankly, I did not have to do much, or rather, I didn’t have to do ANYTHING! It worked without any issue right after the upgrade.

I did, however, update my homebrew-installed software, just to keep the system fresh;

  1. I needed to fix the file ownership for /usr/local – these files should be owned by you and for group admin – that’s the way HomeBrew likes them. For some reason, some files were root owned. Not needed, so lets make the files “our own” again.
    Shell commandsudo chown -R $(whoami):admin /usr/local
  2. I then updated HomeBrew and upgrade all its packages
    Shell commandbrew update ; brew upgrade
  3. I updated vagrant (not covered on my blog, but if you use it, version 1.7.x is available with support for VirtualBox 5. For this I download the latest package on
  4. I updated virtualbox (by downloading the latest package from
  5. I used the beta version of Continuity Activation Tool to restore continuity, handoff and instant hotspot on my aging machine.

As said; it’s all optional, although I think all of these are required, none of these are critical for the purpose of developing websites on the machine.

Software changes on El Capitan;

  • Apache; still 2.4
  • PHP; still 5.5 and therefore, I’m continuing to use the homebrew version of php 5.4
  • MySQL; still not included in OSX, so our home-brew mariadb installation stays
  • SubVersioN; still version 1.7, so staying with homebrew installed version 1.8

Some of these may get updated, however, when Xcode 7.1 is released (post will be updated).

And for the ones wondering;

That’s it. for now. Another short post. Feel free to comment or ask questions.

Happy codin’ !




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